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if i needed you

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{ Now playing: Townes Van Zandt, "If I Needed You", "Dead Flowers", "Pancho and Lefty"

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Current books: Genesis; Schiokanauer, A Brief History of Chinese and Japanese Civilizations; Schlatter, The History of the Christ; Glen Cook, The Black Company; Sanseido/Brennan, Power Japanese: Common Japanese Business Phrases

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From a brief conversation with a casual friend, whom I would like to know better but have so far failed to reach any state of mutual grok with, I was reminded that I am painfully out of touch on the most basic trends in my own foundational background. The whole ""new" perspective" on Paul is evolving rapidly, and though I'm dubious of the whole venture, I'm embarassed to say I couldn't tell you well enough who's saying what or who's getting the snot kicked out of them. He was impressed by Horsley, but my impression was that he was heavily reading back his own politics into his scholarship, and had to be taken with a liberal (ha!) shaking of salt.

Frankly, I think I've let things slip too long, been too fat and unhappy here. But these are things we knew already. God willing and aiding, I'll be sleek and mean, wise as a serpent, pitilessly merciful as the dove. Can I really add re-opening my study of Paul to my list of crap to do? How much of my life am I going to live in studying instead of doing? Well, I know that already. As long as my work is in knowing the truth and imparting it, approximately half, it looks like.

  • Japanese, either for teaching work on-site, or scholarly work, or various combos thereof (tentative)
  • Athenagoras to go w/ my Justin - brush off thesis, make comprehensive and fix fubar formatting
  • Early Church - target laity, undergrad, and grad studies
  • wonk up on Africa to minimum levels
  • wonk up on Islam again, to reasonable levels ( -->Arabic?)
  • re-reading of OT, either Hebrew-canonical or historical order
  • finish background reading on Hinduism
  • prod VE on to its glorious completion
  • apparently, re-wonk on Paul and the so-called "new" perspective, and associated issues
  • get more into haranguing my congresscritters, starting by mailing this letter I've finally written
  • things i'm forgetting or have back-burnered...

if i needed you

would you come to me,

would you come to me,

and ease my pain?

-- townes van zandt, "if i needed you"

Townes Van Zandt is a dead poet, rather obscure, perhaps, like so many I find myself admiring, and was alive until 1997. Before that, though, he was one of the few, the greats, to make it into Adam Again's little masterpiece, "Songwork".

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