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Once again from the put up or shut up department, I have a couple of times recently thought of establishing a general call, starting with myself, for prayer for civil liberties. I know, sounds silly and well, far-fetched. Who longs passionately for an eschatologically-oriented practice of due process? Hymns of praise for the joys of trademark, patent, and copyright reforms?

Me, for one, and I bet I'm not the only one. Of course, naming such an idea demands nineteenth-century overtones: "A Serious Call to a Civil and Liberated Manner of Life."

So, it's going on my little list, and among my summer projects will be a formal essay to issue the call. You, dear reader, can be that individual, who leads thw way. I ask you to join me, as often as you can, kneeling, or on your face before God, to ask for the preservation (in my country) and restoration (many many other places) of freedom, the most fundamental of all earthly blessings, that essential good which allows so many others.

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