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essay seed -- cheap grace, purgatory, and the cheat of calvinism

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fragmentary thought:

"cheap grace" is more the case under a Calvinist system in which all the transformation is, boom, instant-quick in paradisium. the congruity of real grace, a change in *standing* before God on the basis of grace and faith, with the willed alteration of the bent self in Purgatory (or analogue, a la Lewis' _Great Divorce_). a change in personhood/personality/soul/being which bypasses the person's life/will/history/?? is purely an act of fiat. if you can have an identical person that is nonetheless transformed by fiat, the real world / history / earthly is bypassed. makes no sense; illogic of instantaneous change.

what we want to see is a change in standing, declared on the basis of Christ, which gives the new+eternal life that posesses the Spirit and begins the Purgative life (in death) on that basis. the Calvinistic way is simply a cheat; we have no part in our own life in Christ, do not exert ourselves in the new life.

an exertion on the basis of the radical sola is way way less killer than the way of demonstrating one's election or other puritan muddle.

connex. w/ Orthodox theosis? - inquire (Luth./Orth. dialogues?)

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