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Recent movie: Black Robe*****; Farscape (Season I:8-9)****; Godzilla: King of the Monsters*****; Godzilla 1985***; Beijing Bicycle*****

Recent books: Numbers; Ephesians; Sources of Japanese Civilization vol.1; C. S. Lewis, The Great Divorce; Schlatter, The Theology of the Apostles; OMF, The Biography of James Hudson Taylor; A Hundred Things Japanese; The Japan Christian Yearbook 1968; I John 1:2 (trans.); Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness; Asimov, The Robots of Dawn


I'm posting reviews for approximately two reasons: 1.) I want to exercise my writing muscles beyond the all-nighter college/seminary paper mode and move toward useful writing, and 2.) because I'm reading all these books anyway, and instead of leaving all of my knowledge of them locked away in my skull, I can at least impart to you, dear deader, a distillation of the works' topics and an assessment of their utility.

I have decided, though, that things I'm re-reading for the 153 millionth time in 20 years aren't going to get reviews before they slip from the 'recent' list. Those things (like Asimov's The Robots of Dawn and Lewis' The Great Divorce) have seeped so far into mi hed that I probably have to be content with letting them seep out my pores.

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