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where were you, Jesse?

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Riots back in my part of the world, hardly surprising to anyone who knows the area and the sadly not uncommon history. Black motorcyclist going over 100mph is chased for awhile, crashes after the chase is called off -- riots ensue.

Bloodhound-like, Jesse shows up after the press, per usual:

"Jackson Calls for Healing Following Riots"

Where were you, Jesse, 30 years ago? 25? 20? 15? When the jobs started going away? When the gang wars started eating the town apart? When "healing" was even vaguely possible? Have you heard tales of gang members being part of the police force? Are you going to shake down Whirlpool this time? Will you give the good citizenry of "Benton Harlem" a demonstration of drive-by "healing" techniques?

Will you organize a fund drive for streetlight repairs? Perhaps your foundation will kick in to support or enhance a neighborhood watch program? I look forward to your fund-raising efforts for additional police training in sensitivity, cross-cultural communications, and community policing, which I assume you'll be engaging in...? Maybe with your "successes" in Chicago, you can get some Chi-town bidnesses to open branches on that side of the river?

Or maybe I'm asking too much from a vulture.

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