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Eat the press.

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I care too much.

So when does Iran become big news? Momentarily, when their semi-elected President's speech, in which he says he'll resign if that is the wish of the people, is sliced and diced by the censors of state-run media. But no, the big news of the hours is, shock horror, an exquisite example of the narcissism we all are beholden to:

Journalist dies in Iran custody
Sure, now we have permission to think the regime there brutal and awful, since it's journalists, the most important smart valuable and beautiful people in the the whole wide world ever, who are biting the dust. If it's just dusky peoples, well, says the Press, who expects much else? They'll let us know if even one single journalist gets roughed up or dies, because Thou Shalt Not Touch The Lord's Anointed. Never mind activists kidnapped at gunpoint, tens of thousands blowing their horns in the streets, some hauled form their cars to get their beatings, so long as the journalists are safe to sit in judgment.


(And not just for the Press.)

Freedom is the cornerstone of Justice.

Freedom now -- for all.

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