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To mix languages and metaphors, but not drinks, seeing as it's scarcely qaurter to noon, I lately have been resisting the urge to turn this little journal into a politik blog. Don't get me wrong, I love the world o' the political, domestic and international, and I follow all this fairly regularly. Have since I was convinced as a kid by civic-minded teachers that I really ought to read the newspaper every day. I don't quite manage anymore, but, the Web makes news easy to get, in various flavours.

Lately, I want to link to and comment on gobs of commentary, lots of it even interesting, on political developments. To point everybody I know at interesting shiny things from InstaPundit, or Volokh, or Phil Carter, or unheralded things from the AP/Reuters wires, or suchlike. And there's just no way. I can rant, occasionally, but I'm realized I just can't keep up with the flood of stuff and add more than a "me, too!" to most all of it. I have to be satisfied with being civic-minded and informed, and not a politics-blogger.

Which disappoints me. It is a firm article of my creed that theology relates to reality -- and that means political reality. Global, local, blahblahblah. And apparently I'll never be enough of a supergenius to grok and work on everything all at once, and bring truth, justice, and freedom to everybody everywhere by my unsleeping vigilance and piercing gaze and insight. (It is the habit of INTJs to think small, you see...)

So, to begin at the beginning: write Congresscritters, attend local neighborhood powwows, know how to vote and why, inform cow-orkers and friends with good intent and bad info. I suppose this is why democratic-ish gov't is hard to maintain; it's work, and petty and slow work at that. Still, duty calls.

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