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new G-movie!

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So once again, as for the last several years, our favorite trade partner (no, not Canada, sorry, eh) is producing the greatest export of all: A new Godzilla movie!

Some of us are jumping for joy!

The new trailer has been mirrored as an .mpg instead of that nassty Windows Media, precious. Just a teaser, though. New suits and a panorama can be seen in the press release, though.

Even better is the image splashed across the G-db page, which shows the new-style look at its best. So in short, you should all run off to the .jp page, and rummage around and soak up the atmosphere.

Of course, regular official updates come from Toho, makers of fine films not in English. But unofficial news, particularly, news in English, is provided the the kind offices of Monster Zero News, with assists to Henshin! Online, who have a couple of translations and scoops on the front page right now.

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