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Why Journalists Have A Lousy Rep, Part 153,008:

BBC headline: Iraqi foreign ministry hit

Sub-title: The Iraqi foreign ministry in Baghdad has been hit by an explosion.

Scary stuff, eh?!

Actual course of events from paras 2 and 4: "An Iraqi official told French news agency AFP the blast has created a large hole in the ground and shattered several windows. ...There were no reports of casualties."

Scary color between those paragraphs: "Another witness told Reuters news agency he saw a "ball of fire" before employees began rushing from the building." (This is para 3.)

And the last 3 paragraphs (out of 10) are devoted to recaps -- three separate events since August.

Dear Auntie Beeb, don't bother sending reports of non-events to me first thing in the morning. Yers, Guru.

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