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Recent movies: Godzilla (1956)*****; The Ring*****; Farscape II.3****;
Recent books: II Samuel; Epistle to the Hebrews; Luther, Lectures on Genesis 15-20; Dorothy Sayers, Gaudy Night; Joe Haldeman, The Forever War; Koch, The History of Prussia; The Basic Bakunin: Writings 1869-1871; Luther, Lectures on Deuteronomy;

Thinking I'm ready to go. Thinking there's things for me to do. Surely, there's a corps of the church that wants an artilleryman to lay down cover for the guys on the front lines, somebody to suppress the incoming heavy ordnance. Surely, there's nobody with illusions that I'm a winsome people person who'll make converts simply by talking nice. But when people demand substance, not to be to arrogant a sonuvagun, somebody like me ought to be on hand, frankly. You know, somebody who knows what they're talking about...

Options: IT-Coord?; JP jack-of-all-trades; theol./eccl-hist. academician geek; other?

Or, you could give one ONE MIIIILLION DOLLARSZ!

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