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frag: the new situation

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fragment possibly for review.

Anarchism in a Bourgeois-Socialist Situation

So, Bakunin was right: "Bourgeois Socialism" is, more or less, the winner of Modern Era stakes in social structure.

But this is a situation completely other than what he envisaged originally in 1870 or so. There's much less of a class structure which clearly dominates society, and 'the masses' have been essentially mollified by the settlements following the 19th century. The bourgeois have expanded.

The problem is no longer a matter of harnessing the rage/discontent of the masses. The masses have taken the road of Bourgeois Socialism, and their frustration has cooled. Now we find 'radicals' are forced to manufacture discontent and rage.

The essential question is: What is the anti-statist vision for the new situation?

Given that Bourgeois Socialism is the genuine present condition, given that the State is not significantly altered in its character (though somewhat in its methods) by the change from [Ancien]Regime Capitalism to Bourgeois Captialism, given that social and State controls are constricting ever tighter in spite of Bourgeois Socialist protestations to the contrary, How Then Shall We Live?

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