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FL-trip, acq-books, arrgh

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oh look, i'm blathering

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Recent movies: Godzilla (1956)*****; The Ring*****; Farscape II.3****; Samurai Jack (premiere)*****; Luther*****;
Recent books: II Samuel; Epistle to the Hebrews; Luther, Lectures on Genesis 15-20; Dorothy Sayers, Gaudy Night; Joe Haldeman, The Forever War; Koch, The History of Prussia; The Basic Bakunin: Writings 1869-1871; Luther, Psalms;

Went to the beach for the weekend, visited piscis' ancestors: her grandmother was 90! Celebrated quietly, as appropriate. Ate much seafood and other good things. Finished another recent acquisition over the trip and idle times. My backlog of reviews is now over a month, 5 or 6 books. Aaargh. And nothing done on The Dare, sadly.

Only book acquired over the trip was just $6, in hardback w/ dust jacket at that: The Bridge at No Gun Ri. A little light reading, kna'mean?

Anyroad, need to find a way to get paid for these things instead of for suffering fools gladly. We're decided on having me move on from the job in another year, roughly. P|-|34r our 1337 'J' p0\/\/rZ!

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