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politik: more Kraut fascist ugliness

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This time, fascists aren't doing it for themselves: They're doing it for the Ba'ath! Mighty altruistic, eh? (German report on the Germans by Panorama of Deutschland. Link from Instapundit.)

Google autotranslation of Panorama's opening paragraph:

Humans, who engage themselves in the peace movement, want to prevent terror, wrong and death? one means. But in the fight for the allegedly good thing some Pazifist sets on the wrong means. It is one to demonstrate against the Iraq war but it is somewhat completely different one to actively support resistance fighters and concomitantly faithful Saddam Husseins which spread terror in the postwar Iraq primarily to then sell and still as commitment for the peace. Ivo Bozic, John Goetz and Volker stone-hope over German Pazifisten, which have extremely martial opinions.
Better translations and the breaking of the story (in English) should be credited to Davids Medienkritik, a journal entry by Raymond Drake.

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