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Once upon a time, I mentioned I was trying to track down some .JP-related journals, especially photo-journals. So I've been reading a brace of them, and have discarded several, and winnowed down to just 5 I'm checking daily.

The first isn't really a photoblog, but a geek+Japan blog, with reference to photography: Gen Kanai. In addition to shiny geek comments, he links and comments on a lot of Japan/America social and cultural issues. is solidly a photojournal, and he takes distinct and eye-catching photos. Updated every couple-few days.

Much more journaling, and a lot of photos, in frangipani; he has galleries, and they have lots of photos, and you can see large versions of the photos from anything that's in a gallery. Crisp photos (can you tell I was raised with fuzzy snapshots and slides?), and interesting views. Plenty o' content.

More daily-Tokyo types of shots from, and a lot of links and reference to pop culture, advertising, and suchlike. Also has a phone-camera companion site, I just noticed.

The subtitle for Hunkabutta is "a stranger's life in pictures", and that's quite true. Each entry has a handful of pictures associated with it, and there's usually a tale or update in the entry. Note that the main-page image is just a slice from a larger photo, so there is much making with the clicky-clicky back-and-forth. A favorite observation from awhile back: "Living in a foreign country for an extended period of time is in some ways like being a really old man: all of your friends just slowly disappear and you're left sitting around feeling dazed and wondering what happened to everybody."

And on that cheery note, so long!

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