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pre-event angst

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Recent movies: Godzilla vs. Megaguiras*****; Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack*****; Return of the King*****; Duel to the Death**; Demon City Shinjuku**; Emperor's Shadow*****; Finding Nemo*****;
Recent books: I Kings; Dirlik, Anarchism in the Chinese Revolution; Dante, Paradise (Sayers trans.); Vernard Eller, Thy Kingdom Come: A Blumhardt Reader;

Browsing through the online archive of the Journal of Asian Mission, I found a terrific title in volume two:

Allan Anderson, "Signs and Blunders: Pentecostal Mission Issues at "Home and Abroad" in the Twentieth Century"

What a thing of beauty! Definitely looking forward to reading that. Snarfed local copy of the PDF for myself. Many interesting things there, especially "Sermon Topics Contextualized for Japan".

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