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Recent books: I Kings; Dirlik, Anarchism in the Chinese Revolution; Dante, Paradise (Sayers trans.); Vernard Eller, Thy Kingdom Come: A Blumhardt Reader;

Time here is actually 9:30am; waiting to get started on our first meeting of the day.

First impressions of ACME? Well, not crazy, still. I'm happy to say. You know, still having a weekend ahead of us.

The post, IT Coordinator, looks fairly straightforward, except for all of the crash-coursing I'll have to do before I come. FoxPro, SQL (various), MS-Access, able to train on the whole MS-Office suite. Actually quite a lot of work. Plus wrangling Lotus Notes. Joy.

But, though I'm not more convinced now that I'm being sent by God to Japan in the forseeable future, I think ACME is the place to be to support the sending-out of those bearing the Gospel. And my role, as a supporter, would be wrangling Bloatus-Notes so that everyone else can do their jobs. As far as I can tell, I'd be essentially unsupervised. Which sounds great until somethings breaks horribly under my hands and I can't explain to anyone what happened.

So see-sawing a bit. Also excited by a sort of spin-off org which connects Japanese students in the States who've become Christians with Japanese churches when they return home. Good stuff, and they're based upstairs. Might be the kind of niche where we could lend a hand without doing absurd things.

All in all, cautiously optimistic about prospects. Have to spend a lot of time praying about it -- like pastoral ministry, if you enter into missions lightly without a call, the Devil will eat you alive.

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