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baffled and saddened

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Recent movies: Godzilla vs. Megaguiras*****; Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack*****; Return of the King*****; Duel to the Death**; Demon City Shinjuku**; Emperor's Shadow*****; Finding Nemo*****;
Recent books: I Kings; Dirlik, Anarchism in the Chinese Revolution; Dante, Paradise (Sayers trans.); Vernard Eller, Thy Kingdom Come: A Blumhardt Reader;

Okay, I give up. This is an all-points bulletin for three books that've gone walkabout on me:

My battered red 25th-anniversary Tolkien, Return of the King. After 20 years, I've grown somewhat attached to this copy. And I can't figure if I've loaned it or dropped it.

Dorothy Sayers, Unpopular Opinions. A nice older printing, but I have the dustjacket without the book now. Hoping I didn't leave it on a copy machine someplace.

This one baffles me wholly: J. Robert Clinton's Making of a Leader, which is a study of how God prepares leaders to serve through their lives and careers. I have no recollection of loaning this to any of you fine people, however... Stupid memory. :<

At any rate, there's no questions asked, if you return things to me. I just have questions about the reliability of my memory these days. And if you find a winning lottery ticket, that's mine, too. I just can't remember the numbers, yeah, that's the ticket...

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