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realpolitik: mess o' links

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This is a mess o' links I've never had a chance to remark on yet... Worth reading, though, or I wouldn't have set them aside.


The Volokh Conspiracy - Sasha on Marxians
Winds of Change.NET: The Things Democrats Carry | Integrating minorities
The Flag of the World: Ridiculous Media Bias report / News / Boston Globe / Ideas / Broadcast blues
LRB | Jeremy Harding : What to Wear to School
BBC NEWS | Business | Hopes and fears for Africa trade pact
Telegraph | A legal fiction
Telegraph | Leaders dear and great
LRB | Jeremy Harding : What to Wear to School
Telegraph | The West Bank in black and white
Lateline - 10/03/2004: Pilger on the US and terrorism
The Chronicle: 3/12/2004: Gucci Shoes and Khachapuri: Power and Belief in Russia Today
Telegraph | Reporter following trail of corruption in EU arrested
Telegraph | Mystic guerrillas who deal in bloodshed
Opposition Movements in Central Eurasia - Special Report
OpinionJournal - The Moor's Last Laugh: Radical Islam finds a haven in Europe
Telegraph | Reporter following trail of corruption in EU arrested
Iraq Revenue Watch: Monitoring Iraq Reconstruction Funds, Contracts, Oil
Telegraph | Slaughter in Fallujah 'will not make US wobble'
Bitter Baghdad Seeing Disaster As Rebels Rise
Winds of Change.NET: Bob Kerrey in the NYT
The Command Post - Iraq - Extent of Al Sadr's Criminal Activities Revealed
Telegraph | Opinion | Carry on scribbling, Mr al-Sadr
Telegraph | The corrupt continent
Telegraph | News | Telegraph reply to Galloway's oil story denial

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