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Telegraph | Arts | Exiled from England

Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/18/2004 | Book Review | Mencken's acerbic style entertains in new essay collection

Telegraph | News | Your Italian restaurants are a poor imitation of the real thing, says Signor the Ambassador

Telegraph | News | Prozac during pregnancy 'can damage unborn child'

Telegraph | News | The extended outlook is... hot, sunny and dry with a high risk of heart failures

Telegraph | News | Dean of York took 23pc pay rise out of Minster's funds

Telegraph | Opinion | A daft way to get plastered

Telegraph | Opinion | Mel Gibson's 'Passion of Christ' is an act of faith, not hatred

Telegraph | Opinion | Tories come out of the closet

The New Yorker: The Critics: Books

Telegraph | Arts | The thinking man's sin

Scientific American: The Major Unsolved Problem in Biology

The New Yorker: The Terrazzo Jungle

The Chronicle: 3/12/2004: The Urgent Need to Study Islamic Anti-Semitism

spiked-essays | Essay | The politics of the lonely crowd

The Chronicle: Career Network: 03/09/2004

OpinionJournal - Taste

OpinionJournal - Taste

The Village Voice: Features: The Taming of the Bard by Charles McNulty

Telegraph | News | After The Passion, Hollywood asks: what about the sequel?

The Japan Times Online

The Japan Times Online

The Atlantic | April 2004 | Reactionary Prophet | Hitchens

Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | Viva Madrid

The New York Review of Books: The Trauma Trap

Telegraph | Arts | The masochistic passion of Mel Gibson

LP: What a Difference "A Century Makes"-THE YEAR 1904

The Globe and Mail

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Four Freedoms

World Press Review - Japan - Youth - Culture

OpinionJournal - Extra - Sensing on trad'l marriage

Telegraph | Arts | How they stopped the revolution

Dar Al Hayat : English

Telegraph | Arts | You shouldn't judge people by the covers of the books they read

The U.S. Army Professional Writing Collection: casualty aversion myth

Telegraph | Opinion | How Betjeman country could breed our bombers

Mainichi Interactive - Top News

PopMatters Feature | Godzilla at 50 -- Introduction
A critical gap

:: New Statesman

The New Republic Online: Among the Non-Believers (1 of 2)

The Literary Divide (

The Independent Review | Is There Really a Fatherhood Crisis?

Telegraph | Opinion | Quick, Nurse, the screens - tear them out of the wall

Telegraph | Opinion | Better snug than smug

Telegraph | Opinion | How we let our emotions take over from our brains

Telegraph | Opinion | I betrayed Britain to Germany

Telegraph | News | The estate he's in - leading critic of housing profiteers is beneficiary of property empire

Telegraph | News | Will Hutton is the Left-wing commentator famed for his attacks on Britain's landlord culture ... yet

Telegraph | Opinion | Let's stay messy, girls

Telegraph | Opinion | We are putty in the hands of those who can fix things

Telegraph | Opinion | How can anyone be a bystander while someone is stabbed?

Telegraph | Opinion | Writing a column is child's play

Telegraph | Opinion | Her name might be 'Smelly' in Farsi

lgf: The Granite of Mauthausen

The New Republic Online: (1 of 2)

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