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If you're not a big, fat geek, you might as well not read any of this at all...

Go on, scram!


Ok, most of the rest of you are probably still here. :>

So while off my feet yesterday and home from work, I rifled through my usual bookmarks, and launching off from The 20' By 20' Room, wandered about the 'Net, geeking. Stumbled across some posts about gaming, and different styles of gaming. Apparently one of the operating theories for a number of game designers is the "G/N/S" theory, which turned up over at Random Encounters in a few posts.

This one on applying the theory is a good jump-start; he gives the critical excerpt from M. J. Young:

This theory suggests that role play styles divide into Gamists who enjoy facing the challenges of play, Narrativists who enjoy great stories that involve themes or issues, and Simulationists who seek to know what another reality might be like.
He adds this important clarification: "I would clarify that to say "Narrativists enjoy posing a question (the 'premise') and then answering that question through the events of the game and the actions of their characters."

Go ahead and read it (esp. for the last paragraphs), I'll wait...

Anyroad, scales somewhat fell from my eyes -- he's right, this is a great way to look at dynamics of games and groups. And, it also helps to figure out what kinds of things make people really enjoy and get into a game.

The full explanation that Doyce (of Random Encounters) gives explains not just the theory, but what it means in terms of real-people games and his own gamers (G/N/S translated into my own words, using examples). Truly a must-read. Again, I will continue with the waiting here while you wander off and read it, even if you lazy krunkers just hit the shiny block definitions of each style... Go on, yunz.


Yeah, so!

I think this helps a lot, actually -- especially if you don't think of these as separate styles of play, but as aspects of gaming. I think it's a nice frame with which to frame games -- how can we set this up so that we can maximize fun, in all ways? And, what are the other players looking for that I, as player or GM, can facilitate?

I also learned from all this that I am a pathological Simulationist, I think. I mean I love the tactical challenge, and the 'pose question / work out answer' approach, but exploring the immersive bits that are the Simulationist fetish, those are what I really crave. (Note that the immersion can be in any subset of game elements: Character, Setting, Situation, System, Color.)

And so, for those of you poor suckers who've gamed with me before, a guide to the pathology... Simulationism: The Right to Dream. It's all about the exploration, baby.

So now I have some perspective, and know how I might be able to improve my games, by pulling in some Gamist and Narrativist aspects. w00...

Now more amusing geekery!

And from today's Onion:

"Bush Determined To Find Warehouse Where Ark Of Covenant Is Stored WASHINGTON, DC—In a surprise press conference Monday, President Bush said he will not rest until the warehouse where the Ark of the Covenant, the vessel holding the original Ten Commandments, is located. "Nazis stole the Ark in 1936, but it was recovered by a single patriot, who braved gunfire, rolling boulders, and venomous snakes," Bush said, addressing the White House press corps. "Sadly, due to bureaucratic rigmarole, this powerful, historic relic was misplaced in a warehouse. Mark my words: We will find that warehouse." Bush added that, after they are strengthened by the power of the Ark, U.S. forces will seek out and destroy the sinister Temple of Doom."

Plus, my RPG Purity Test score!!

Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score
CategoryYour ScoreAverage
Enjoys the occasional head-lopping
Sensitive Roleplaying82.28%
Occasionally remembers to name their PC
GM Experience84.06%
"Um... You guys are in a 10'x10' room..."
Systems Knowledge94.92%
Played in a couple of campaigns
Livin' La Vida Dorka83.91%
Nobody at work would ever suspect
You are 82.48% pure
Average Score: 68.7%

I think this means I need to game some more!

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