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personal/impersonal dealings

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partially-awake, anyway...

this interp. contra Eller?

impersonal dealings in Scripture do happen -- Assyria as example -- but those are dealings as w/ inanimate objects, forces of Nature, etc. (like Leviathan). abstractions movable, destructible, symbolic. God plays dice w/ these? maybe not exactly, but...

Cyrus, however, is a named person -- as is Nebuchadnezzar (sp.!!). Both stand at heads of nations, but aren't synonymous w/ them. Same also w/ David/Solomon/successors, in spite of "federal" idea? Seems probable.

So, assume God's interest in people first, things (nations, ethnic groups...) much down the food chain w/ sparrows.

personalizing/individualizing trend seen in Ezek., others; continues w/ John the Baptist -- changeover from abstract/impersonal/national --

Make that, contrast of the general and the personal -- general principles are known, talked about -- salvation of 'Israel' from 'Babylon/Rome'. The Incarnation, though, is going to be Ultimate Personalization, and so it has to start w/ just one man -- John the Baptizer -- and just one woman -- Mary, the God-bearer (Theotokos, called Blessed). John's message is personal. Mary's burden is unique.

And all kinds of bespoke miracles happen once Jesus starts doing his thing -- no two alike, almost (see "It's All About Me", a trigger on this, thank you sir). And while "personal savior" does leave out the crucial 'Pantokrator' idea, it's also an essential part of the Gospel -- faith is my (your) own, not something imposed or borrowed.

Queries: What does this mean for our readings of Revelation and Daniel+Ezekiel? No doubting 'nations' play a huge role in those, as well as OT history -- and what to make of 'Israel' as people, and kingdom? (Meaning of overlooking/covering?) Grafting ideas of Romans 11 etc. important.

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