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A rather muted celebration -- more of a mourning for me, frankly. So some retrospective from the classics.
Thrasea walked to the colonnade. There the quaestor found him, happy rather than sorrowful, because he had heard that his son-in-law Helvidius Priscus was merely banned from Italy. Then, taking the copy of the senate's decree, he led Helvidius and Demetrius into his bedroom, and offered the veins of both his arms. When the blood began to flow, he sprinkled it on the ground, and called the quaetor nearer. 'This is a libation', he said, 'to Jupiter the Liberator. Look, young man! For you have been born (may heaven avert the omen!) into an age when examples of fortitude may be a useful support.'

-- Tacitus, Annals, XVI

...and Liberty, / your name, even an empty shade, I shall follow all the way. / So be it...

-- Lucan, Civil War, II, 302-4.

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