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War as I bookmarked it...

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In the last few years, my country has become engaged in two wars: one in Iraq, and another wider struggle which I like to just call "The 9.11 War". The former is a much more traditional war, with a front, central Iraq, and a fairly known set of objectives (albeit a set subject to varying interpretations).

The 9.11 War is wider, and has two fronts: one against extremist Islamism which restrains its means to power only by expediency, and a second front, the struggle to remain a free society in the face of both terrorist violence and the opportunism and fear of such violence which leads to the curtailment of liberty by those in power (both the State, and the influential of Society itself, with widely varying motives in all cases).

For awhile now, I've been bookmarking articles of interest on both topics, and have wanted to share them out. Finally wrangled the bookmarks into two pages: The 9.11 War is a shorter page, since I didn't really identify it as such until rather more recently. I think both fronts of the war are adequately represented. Iraqkrieg covers the whole bloody thing, from the background to the present day. 'Twas hard to jam it onto a single Journalscape page, but I did it without omitting anything except a couple of more recent items, and ones for color, not substance. Other than dropping those 4-5 links, the links are as filed, in order, as Background, Intermath, and Aftermath. It is interesting to note trends in the references, to note what persist, and to observe how unexpectedly the Aftermath section has grown to dwarf the rest.

I hope they provide some amusement and/or edification; note of course that I neither endorse nor denounce the contents of any/all links. Duh. Share And Enjoy!

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