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Living Life Five Hours At A Time

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Recently, reflecting on where my time was going (i.e., how I'm spending it), it became clear to me that, yes, I'm living my life 5 hours at a time: 17:30 to 22:30 daily, weekdays. This is the social pact I'm a part of, and while I don't much begrudge my employer of the moment, I am doubting the social contract we're locked into.

It also implies I should upgrade my cooking skills, and learn to like it a lot more, because supper's on my time, too. Thank God for garlic, which can be thrown at anything and likely improve it.

But that's where we're at. Arguably, the majority of the day is mine -- 5+8(sleep) is quite over half, and after all there are weekends and vacations. But I think not. Those other 11 hours are spent for me, even if I like them pretty well, and they shape me, rather than the converse.

I think that for the future, I had rather shape than be shaped.

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