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Lord of the Rings, with bad music

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Am currently watching the 'Rankin/Bass' verions of "Return of the King". It's as bad as possibly imaginable, not just because of the cheesy exposition, or the 70s animation, no, those are tolerable in a kiddie rendition.

It's the music. God help us all, the "singing", the "songs"! All the rest of the thing could be put up with, but ach! the ballads! The flashbacks! The 70s horror!

Don't make the mistake of watching this. I'm a huge Tolkien fanboy; I even have a certain soft spot for the Bakshi version, which I thought this was a continuation of (!), but this is just beyond horrific. The visual style still discernable under the nastiness is annihilated by the voiceovers, and especially the songs! Aiieee, here we go again!

A remake with merciless editing and total redubbing could make this 90+ minute atrocity into a 40-minute tribute. The soundtrack, however, must be excised, wiped from human memory, obliterated with fire, and the perpetrators exiled to Antarctica forever.

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