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6am con calls could kill me ded

As some of you know, I pretty much want to have music on all the time. Continuously. The soundtrack effect, and all that. (Stars Wars left its mark deep, perhaps.)

However, getting shiny fresh music is tricky. Nobody likes to burn music by cashing out for something a friend sez is awesome, only to realize it's like that freakish mushroom dish he likes which has the scent of bile.

So what to do?

Yez, teh Intarweb, again. w00+.

Four mp3 blogs I now check, and recommend to you. The oldest+favoritest, the most particularly shiny, the most verbose, and most prolific.

Oldest, and my old favorite in this category: Drop 7. New stuff from some of my old favorites, plus new-new stuff, which I have no other reliable sources for. Instance, this tragicomedy, in which it is revealed that the mighty Havalina is no more (alas!), but that they have a retrospective album to console us! (Net effect, of course, to ease Havalina's members into their new bands, by making me want to buy all the old albums, and check out their new bands.) So Drop 7 is your friend! Even if only updated once a week, and skips a week, check it every Friday, like I do!

This next blog is like getting back a dose of youth every week or so: Sandgropers Surfspot. Oh, yes. Surf music. For unregenerate skate rats like me, adolescence spent hanging around 'Wind, Waves, and Wheels', burning money on stickers and neon/aqua widgets. With surf rock and speedmetal in our ears. Well, here's the first half of that formula...

Ah, verbose. Not pathologically so, but "terse" certainly doesn't spring to mind. said the gramophone gets in a range of music, vaguely on the side of the angels where "alternative" is concerned -- crafted tunes, pop and rock worth playing, those good things.

Most prolific, posts early and often, good descriptions, wide range: get thee to the Fluxblog. More experimental, more rarities, more live tracks, more demos. More music, and that means a lot of Fluxblog tunes are going into iTunes and getting the acid test of p*bl*c tr*nsp*rt.

And now you know where half the weird things generating those odd noises in my laptop originate from.

Taste And Enjoy!

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