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or, Building the Perfect Beast, Part 0xD

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batZ-y tired!

In book news, O'Reilly apparently just published Time Management for System Administrators, and so I have purchased it! Yay.

And yes, that is the Gulo gulo on the cover, apparently. D00M!

And speaking of time, my half-day planning day turned into a very full one, as the number of items I'd shoved to the end of the week to deal with today exceeded 33. (Yes, like RPM.) And all of them required thought as well as action, or they wouldn't have been put there. I only coped by shoving about a third of the items into next week -- all the correspondence, so if you were thinking you hadn't heard from me in awhile... Yeah.

And next week my int'l counterpart arrives for a wacky 5-week adventure in IT! This time I intend to schedule him into submission, though. Lucky fella, he.


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