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Did the Orthodox thing again today -- think I'll vote to stick with it, since the perfect church hasn't mysteriously washed up on our block... Am continuing to decipher my relationship to Orthodoxy, since I take my own dogmatic stances as seriously as they take theirs.

And since life has finally slowed down a bit, I'm watching football and reading. It's a little bit of back-to-basics with Carl E. Braaten*:

Some of us have said it so often that it hardly bears repeating: Lutheranism is not essentially a church but a movement. It is not essentially an independent church in competition with other denominational churches. It is a confessional movement that exists for the sake of reforming the whole church of Christ by the canon of the gospel. The ecclesiastical, organizational structures of Lutheranism are interim measures, ready to go out of business as soon as their provisional aims are realized.
The Lutheran-Orthodox ecumenical exchanges have always been a disappointment to me; the Orthodox always seem to regard us as a crypto-Papist advance force which must be disarmed and stripped of distinctives. For the Lutheran part, there's an embarrassing tendency to use the Orthodox to score points on the Papists (and Anglicans), while also trying to replay the Reformation so as to get a better outcome. Hilariously (by which I mean sadly), every couple centuries there's a round of this, and the same mutual incomprehension occurs...

And so it goes.

In football news, in the 3rd quarter of the Cowboys/Redskins game, and it is utterly clear that "T.O." cam neither make the big play, not take the big hit. Color me unsurprised! Also: GO STILLERZ!

* = Principles of Lutheran Theology (Fortress, 1983), Ch. 3 "The Ecumenical Principle", p. 46.

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