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eat more rage -- it puts a fire in your belly!

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When you're a sysadmin by practice (irrespective of title), you find that God gives the gift of rage every day. It is a fire which may come down and consume all at any time. the fire staves off despair, and throws the followers of falsehood (vendors, spammers, misbehaving hardware) into confusion and panic.

Today's occasion for rage is the TO DO function of Ybghf Abgrf, synced with a Cnyz, via Ybghf RnflFlap. Now, a TO DO list is surely not rocket science. In fact, it's probably one of the earliest functions of the "personal" computer: A stored list, ordered and sorted to push work from the brain to the machine. Practically what the jolly things there for, what?

But no. Despite running mucho $LOCALCURRENCY to rent ("license") and operate, and having the proprietary Ybghf RnflFlap software widget to wrangle the oh-so-elaborate TO DO from Cnyz-speak to Ybghf Abgrf -talk, the list, viewed in the utterly krep! client view so characteristic of Ybghf Abgrf, is trashed. Imagine chavs ransacking a house for spare change to buy pot or some alcoholic swill like Bud Light, and you'll have a picture of the TO DO list's end state: disordered, messy, inverted, garbage from months ago strewn across the screen. Let's just say I don't go for that white trash trailerpark look.

Obviously, this list, besides being useless to me in this state, is utterly unsuited to being printed out and used for a discussion with my unP-HB about my work tasks and priorities. Bah.

So... How about the native Cnyz software that should work with the gadget? Yeah, I bet you think you're clever. Fear not: Ybghf RnflFlap now intercepts all TO DO data, and diverts it from the native software, leaving the Cnyz software with a list as old as the day you installed RnflFlap. Unless you're daft enough to present the boss with a list that says you've tracked nothing (or done nothing) the last 5 months, it's Ybghf Abgrf holding you hostage. Kill it! Kill it with fire!

On a Tuesday following the Monday where the car died, forcing us to push it out of the middle of the apartment complex parking lot (uphill, of course!) until I could return to climb into the hood and scrub the battery terminal until the happy sparks returned, and in which I spent all morning talking about how we (werk) are likely going to hand off the mega-project of our org's data revamp to a (thankfully rather clueful) contractor, giving me a serious case of envy... Yeah, the rage is your friend. The fire is fuel, it keeps us warm as night closes in...

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