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Tonight, went off to try the first episode of Bible study with the Orthodox. Noticed, more strongly than ever before, a kooky resemblance, forcing me to ask: Separated at birth? This guy -- and this guy? Spooky, no? Since the phrase "already / not yet" figures prominently in this book...!

So tonight it was Apocalypse! With the Orthodox!

This is quite as much fun as you might think it (okay, probably more...). But it was quite a straightforward reading an interpretation of the text. In fact, it was much more like a proper Bible study than anything I've seen at any church I've been at since St. S. Ev. Lutheran... 15+ years ago...

And really, though Protestants like to talk about being Biblical, the real church emphasis is on so-called "sharing", topical discussion out of Protestant tertiary/quaternary sources, and "culture wars" / values / moralism, rather than straightforward exposition of Biblical texts. While some of those things might have a place in church life (some, and small), they must not displace the confrontation with the questions basic to Christian teaching: First, what does it say?, and second, what does it mean?

By no coincidence, this was emphasized tonight, which is why I'm all "w00" about it, instead of despairing. I did refrain from pointing how how foundational this grounding in the literal sense of the Scriptural text was for Luther, however...

And next time, I'm bringing our Greek/English NT!

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