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ILY: Producer

Here's the final version of that craigslist ad. It went live today.

Seeking producer for dark musical short film
(Tri-state area)

Experienced, festival-award-winning writer/director/composer seeks producer for an 8-minute, black-comedy screen musical. We will shoot in Fall or Winter somewhere in the tri-state area, depending on where we can find a suitable location. The guy who executive-produced my last film has a conflict, so I'm looking for a new collaboration.

Your job is to find resources and bring the project in within budget. You can get locations, crew, gear, costume, and makeup for cheap, and you're familiar with release forms. If you know how to get to name talent, that's a nice plus.

We will shoot in HD or better, and there will be complex moving shots and longer-than-usual rehearsal time. Most modern screen musicals make fun of the genre; we're not going to do that. We love the genre. Our first musical short is now making the rounds of festival submissions.

Current budget is $10K. It's low, but it's also ready to go, in the bank. If you know how to find additional funds, so much the better.

Most of your questions don't have answers yet. That's where you come in.

Please email resume, references, and a cover note including anything special you think I should know.

- - -

We will also be advertising for DP, costume/makeup, sound recordist, etc. Contact regarding those positions is welcome.

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