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Okay, I'm hooked.

The visual effects render all previous spaceship FX obsolete. The way the ships move, I believe they're massive objects jetting through vacuum, not just pretend airplanes pushing pretend wings against a pretend atmosphere that wouldn't actually be there. The hyperspace jump effect is unfortunately video-cheesy, the jittercam zooms get on my nerves (especially in talking-head scenes, where there's just no justification for them), and it took some homework to figure out what the hell was going on when I started viewing midseason, but... this is a damn good series. The need for homework alone probably attests to that.

Story's good. Music's great, too. I can tell because I keep picking on really trivial things that I would have done differently.

This is the first really good show I've seen on the Sci Fi channel. Stargate is all right. I was so annoyed by Crimson Force that I wrote half a blog entry about it before reaching the "screw it" threshhold and never posting it. Excerpt:
I like good scientific gobbledegook. This stuff's insipid. "There's an endless energy source where the points of an inscribed tetrahedron encounter the surface of a spinning sphere."

Really? Well, if that's true, why are we going to Mars? Got a big spinning sphere right here.

No such complaint about Galactica. Cool show.

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