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Contemplating the off switch

Every time some writer blogs about reducing his or her time spent online (the latest is Paul Guyot), I wonder, again, whether I ought to just pull the plug. Delete the Internet browser, delete the email program, and let people who have my phone number get in touch that way.

Then I start thinking things like: How would I advertise for crew on craigslist? How would film festivals (or long-lost acquaintances) contact me? How would I keep communication going between members of my projects? How would I keep my paycheck coming when working offsite with my laptop?

So I don't delete the browser--and I spend time and energy on blogs and message boards that would be better spent on writing.

And I don't delete the email program--and I spend time and energy on email that would be better spent on storyboarding.

Or reading. I remember reading.

I know I have an obsessive streak. You can't go over the same manuscript page dozens (or hundreds) of times until it's perfect unless you're a little, uh, overfocused. So what's a well-meaning nut to do?

This is where the conclusion goes: Therefore, I have decided to stop blogging/limit blogging/only make professional announcements/spend 10% as much time online as I spend offline/etc./etc./etc. But I don't have that conclusion. What I want is a personality that doesn't get caught in endless potato-chip loops. Except I don't really want that, because that's the same personality that agonizes over details in creative work.

So here's what I'm going to do:

Nothing. This is mostly about my laptop sitting in the shop for over 2 weeks, waiting for a part, and me going FRICKIN NUTS!

I see from the Apple repair status page that the part has arrived and the laptop is now in testing, so it should be back early next week. So most likely, I'll just get back to work (because it's what I do) and the blog issue will fade by itself. I doubt I'll post less, but it'll be better balanced by work.

Real work, that is. Not the day job.

Oh, and in case you're not subscribed to the CREDO blog: We just got into our first film festival.

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