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ILY minus 15 days and counting

Journal entries with ILY in the titles are about the short screen musical
currently in pre-production.

Our choreographer has to back out of the production. This isn't a total surprise, and she had someone ready to replace her, just in case. We're meeting tomorrow to discuss artistic direction, rehearsal schedule, and so on.

I've revised the script again, based on Saturday's improv/rehearsal and an idea I had for how to improve the rhythm of the ending. I'm also parsing the Thugs' lyrics into THUG #1 and THUG #2. (They were previously all attributed to THUGS.) Here is the new revision.

In my last post I alluded to a third piece of news that I didn't have permission to post. Permission just came. SELL IN HELL, winner of the BEST WRITING award at Toronto's "Giggleshorts" International Comedy Film Festival and the short film I directed before CREDO, is an official selection of the Lake County Film Festival.

I'm making a point of attending Lake County. It's just got that buzz, you know? The guy running it is very cool and totally into movies--not to mention a big CREDO supporter--and he just scored a big coup for this year's festival: AMERICAN DREAMZ, the new Paul Weitz movie with Hugh Grant and Willem Defoe, will have a Special Advance Screening on March 4.

CREDO stars God, and SELL IN HELL takes place in Hell, so it's a kind of a fun pairing. However, I don't think they're screening together, as CREDO is part of the Musical Shorts program.

That's a scribble I sent the DP a few minutes ago to show him how I see the Thugs' first entrance. I'm not sure this shot is physically possible, given the layout of our location.

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