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  • I have no more Hediard Caramel Tea. Who's going to Paris?

  • I'm glad I lived long enough to hear
    Bruce Hornsby and Ricky Skaggs covering Super Freak

  • Usually I don't have much use for the foofy food samples they get in all the time at my foofy food association day job, but today (okay, yesterday, since I took a day to post this) I've got a small plate of this, a very good unidentified blue cheese and a glop of this, which all goes well with a cup of this, which does not appear in my tea poll because I just got my new Harney's shipment, which (as always) someone sliced open because someone assumed it was intended as samples for the foofy food magazine.

  • And anyway, I just replaced the tea poll with that spiffy iTunes thing over there on the left.

  • Speaking of iTunes, you can't get a good version of "New York, New York" there for less than $44.

  • The Office of Government Commerce has a new logo.

  • Can't update you on movie stuff, but there's movie stuff.

  • Galactica tonight! Did the end of last week's episode make up for some clunky stuff in the first 2/3, or what?

  • I'm most of the way through CURVEBALL: Spies, Lies, and the Con Man Who Caused a War, and I'd like to see everybody from George Tenet on up through George Bush executed.

  • I've been a single parent since yesterday. Instead of going straight home after preschool, we had dinner at some random place

    and then went up to a Barnes & Noble on 5th Ave. for Thomas the Tank Engine toys. They didn't have any, so we got Thomas the Tank Engine books instead.

    The canny parent does not tell a child what is going to happen until it has already happened. No one cared that I'd actually intended to get Thomas toys.

    This is Mac's Goldfish-eating pose:

    We don't know why he does this, but he thinks it's funny when I do it too.

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