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More stuff

This isn't long enough to post, but it's got a Galactica reference or two, and it's on tonight, so if I don't hit POST I'll have to wait a week.

  • That's not a glitch. It's the bike path from the Hudson up to our apartment building.

  • If you ever get a really bad review, just come back and click on this and you'll feel better. (I prefer this one.)

  • Galactica tonight!

  • If you put an exclamation point after Galactica! it's the musical version.

  • Five Boro BIke Ride this Sunday!

  • I've decided my definitive characterization of absinthe is "a rococo concoction of anise, with a delicately unpalatable herb finish and just a whisper of armpit."

  • Junmai ginjo sake is a good thing.

  • But I'm still buying more Scotch.

  • And you?

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