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We get bullets almost every day

  • Here's a PDF of the memo I've been sending to potential Cupid & Psyche startup investors, the email reads, along with a copy of the screenplay.

    Cool, I write back. Okay if I link to it at my blog? That's the primary way I reach anybody who's remotely interested in me.

    Sure, if you want your skin flayed from your body and your children taken away by the government, says the response.

    Those are paraphrases.

    I figure I could put up with a little flaying in the service of art, but no child of mine is going to be raised Bureaucratic. So no public sharing of memos with the riffraff. (That would be you.)

  • Sometimes the best photos are the out-of-focus ones. Boing!

  • I might be somewhere near the halfway point on this novel draft. I'll know for sure if I write the same number of words again and it turns out I'm at the end. Ask me around mid-2009.

  • I've finished drinking all the tea I don't like and thrown away about a dozen empty tins, including the red ones I love from Hediard that say CARAMEL on them. A man can only have so many tea tins with pens in them. The new order of tea I do like came yesterday. The tea poll will resume shortly. You can exhale soon.

  • Between today and tomorrow, I have no freelance work, which translates into about 12 actual unbooked hours. This morning I made a to-do list. Over the course of the day, I went a few places and crossed some things off. I might do more tomorrow. This is really disconcerting.

  • In 20-something years working graphics day jobs of one kind or another, this is my favorite thing I've ever designed. I'll say what it is in the comments.

  • I'm sure there's more I could think to add, but I only have three hours left, and I haven't written yet. So I can't be spending time blogging. I have important things to do. I have to fiddle with my bike saddle and make some tea, maybe Zout my shirt, and those earbuds aren't coiled properly and my toenails need clipping. So I really have to go.

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