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January 20, 2009

Boys, do you see that man? That man is Barack Obama. He is our new president.

A president is somebody who takes care of us. Just like Mommy and Daddy take care of you, and Vicki and Jamie take care of all the kids in your class. The president takes care of all of us, even Mommy and Daddy. He takes care of all Americans, and we are Americans. I am an American, Mommy is an American, your brother is an American, and you are an American.

Yes, you're Butchie, but you're also an American.

Yes you are. You're Butchie, and you're Macky, but you're also Americans.

Yes, you're--

Yes you're--hey, listen. Listen. Are you listening? Sometimes a president doesn't take care of us, but we think this one will. But we have to help him, just like you help Mommy and Daddy, and the kids in your class help Vicki and Jamie.

Can you say "president?"

Very good. Can you say "Barack Obama?"

Close enough.

Now watch.

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