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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

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So, I just had the strangest thing happen on the way back from Taco Bell.

Adrian, my boss' boss, noticed this old guy wandering down the middle of Century Blvd. For those of you who don't know, it's an 8 lane street that leads you to LAX Airport. The old guy was walking down the "suicide" lane (the two way lane in the middle used for turning), straight at the truck. The truck had to stop completely to avoid hitting him, and then the old guy just stood there while the truck blared its horn. After a minute or so, the old guy walked around to the side of the cab and tried to climb in! It was locked apparently so he moved on.

Then it gets weirder... he starts walking down the street, trying to open each of the cars in sequence. He finds a Sparklett's truck that was left unlocked and proceeds to climb in and start stealing stuff from it. At this point, Adrian and I start heading toward the cross-walk to get over to him and Adrian tries to call the police. Senyo, my coworker, runs back to the Taco Bell to tell the Sparklett's guys inside.

The police don't answer and we eventually catch the guy inside the Westin Hotel across the street. The security inside just make him give the guy's stuff back and escort him to the edge of the premesis. Adrian tries to get them to call the police, but they say the police won't be able to do anything. So off he goes, back into traffic.

We get back to the car and start on our way back to the office, feeling unable to affect the situation at all. Then we see him again, standing in the middle of one of the busiest intersections near LAX, stopping traffic in both directions.

The police show up and are able to get him out of the street and detain him. We offered our stories and witnesses, and then the Sparklett's guys show up again. Apparently, the old guy took his keys too.

It's hard to imagine what was going on inside the old guy's head. I doubt he was all there mentally, but I was afraid he was going to hurt himself and potentially other people in a car accident. *sigh*

At least he'll be out of trouble for a couple of days.

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