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Run INTO town on a rail?

Had a great class in Hwa Rang Do last night, right up until the point where Do Joo Nim told me that he wants me to test for Blue belt on the 15th.

Now, some of you may notice that my journal is currently purple (unless of course you are reading this in the future). The purpletude of my journal indicates that I was promoted to Purple belt sometime in the last month. *sigh* It's supposed to take like 5 months to go from Purple to Blue... and Do Joo Nim wants me to do it in 1 month?!

I think the problem is that normally students learn a little bit of each of the things they need for the belt in parallel (some of the techniques, a little bit of the long form, one of the kicking tests, them more techniques, etc...). However, due to dumb luck, I've been learning nothing but the techniques, which means I only have 2 more to learn. So, Do Joo Nim sees that I've learned all but 2 of the techniques and thinks I'm ready to test. But, with little exception, I haven't learned anything but the techniques! ACK! *sigh* It's not a problem... sometimes recently I feel I'm being rail roaded through the belts.

Either Do Joo Nim really likes me and wants me to be an instructor sooner, or he's trying to just get as many people as he can to black belt so he can have more instructors. *shrug* I dunno... but I do know I'm NOT testing on the 15th. That's for sure.

Other than that though, it was a really good class. I noticed during some of the leg stretches that I was able to bring my leg up higher than any student in the class! WOO! I'm really proud of myself.

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