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Second time around isn't any easier...

Well, my venture into the second christmas I've ever celebrated is well under way, and I'm already lost. *sigh* People who grew up celebrating Christmas and birthdays and whatnot are used to paying attention to what would make good presents for people. They have their little radar on once October starts..

Not me. Jenn told me last night that she's been dropping hints about what she would like... hints? What hints? *sigh* Don't get me wrong, it's not that she made them too subtle, it's that I wasn't paying attention for present ideas. I figured she was always talking about how good a present it would be for someone else.

Everyone around me is very excited about xmas and whatnot. I'm enjoying myself and everything, but it's hard to summon as much excitement that everyone else is, because I don't have all these childhood memories of Christmas.

The closest thing I have is Family Day, which was my family's Jehovah's Witness-esque way of doing Christmas. That however, doesn't generate the warm fuzzies that everyone else has.

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