We Are The Change We Seek
"i got this" - Kenny Wyland

This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Mostly Useless Member of Society

My parents got Jenn and I a PS2 for Christmas, and ever since then, we have been (mostly) unproductive members of society. :) I usually play a little Monster Rancher 3 in the morning (with Jenn watching), then move on to a little Twisted Metal: Black, then Jenn will Ranch (while I watch). We throw in some Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, and maybe a little more Twisted Metal or Ranching depending on our mood. Then once it gets dark outside, we get our roommate Nancy, turn off all the lights and put in Silent Hill 2. This game is so freakin' scary, I cannot describe it in words. We usually play Silent Hill 2 for about an hour at which point we are all holding our breath hoping that beyond every door lies a save point. As soon as we reach the save point, I'll dive for the PS2 and turn it off. :) We then usually try to drive all of the disturbing thoughts away with some Monster Rancher, the antithesis of Silent Hill 2. It's all happy and cutsie and helps finish up the night. :)

The "mostly" part of the unproductiveness comes from stopping in to check on Ken and Shelly's kitties while they are away. Making sure they are loved, and fed and the boxes are clean. Earl Grey, one of their cats, starts purring as soon as we walk through the door. :)

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