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Festivities and Reading in the New Year

1Happy New Year!

2001 ended pretty well, even though I was sick through all of it. I got the cold/flu just after Christmas and have been bundled on the couch drinking orange juice and tea, eating soup, watching Jenn play Monster Rancher 3, and playing Silent Hill every once in awhile.

We received invitations to a couple parties which fell through and one invitation at the last minute (not literally), but I was too sick to leave the house. So, we stayed in, and it turned out that a party rose up around us. My roommate Nancy invited 3 friends and her fiance over and we sat around talking and playing PS2 games while dinner was prepared. Even through my stuffed nose I could taste the food and it was awesome! :)

Almost everyone was drinking 'cept for me, but no one was drunk, just a little tipsy at most (if that). We ran out onto the porch to scream at midnight and then ran back in very quickly because it was cold. :)

Actually, I did imbibe of the NyQuil, so I guess I did consume a great deal of alcohol. *snickers* It put my out like a light and in the morning I was feeling about 80% healthy. Everyone cleaned up and went to IHOP, then back to the house while Chelsea played Silent Hill2 and we all watched. It's definately not nearly as scary on Easy mode.

Once the house cleared out and it was cleaned up a little, I settled back in on the couch and Jenn settled in front of the PS2.

I finished reading Age of Reason by Thomas Paine. Normally, I'm not into reading such heavy material, but this was the first book that my brother Stuart ever gave to me, so I felt a duty to read it. It was hard to read at times due to his mode of speech. I felt is fluctuated between some good rational points to very emotional ranting, I enjoyed the former and disliked the latter.

After I completed the last few pages of that, I got to move on to one of my Christmas presents, The Ki Process: Korean Secrets for Cultivating Dynamic Energy! It talks about the history of Asian medicine and the history of the concept of Ki. It also describes each of the Meridians (pathways that Ki travels through your body), and very simple, practical applications of acupressure to stimulate the flow of Ki and cute minor ailments! It's very neat! I actually read half way through the entire book in one sitting!

So, looking forward happily to the New Year. I need to get moving on the wedding front, need to get invitations and such sent out and need to get the Wedding website up.

Happy thoughts go out to you all!

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