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Google Toolbar Rules


I've been impressed with the people at Google ever since Jenn introduced me to the search engine, but they just released a new feature, which I think is very cool.

It's a feature built on top of the Google Toolbar (a simple toolbar you can add to IE so that you can do google searches directly from your browser instead of going to google and then searching).

The new feature is SETI-esque if you are familiar at all. The idea goes like this... You aren't using your computer 24 hours a day, so the computer is sort of wasting time waiting for you to do something. If you can harness all that wasted time, it would add up to a fairly small amount of computing power. However, if you added up all the small amounts for people on the internet, suddenly you have one of the most powerful super computers in the world. So, if you enable this feature on your Google toolbar, your computer will contact Google when you aren't using it and ask for some work to do. Then it will quietly chew on the work until you want to use the computer again. Every once in awhile it will complete computation on the little bit of data Google gave it and it will return that bit to Google, who will put it with all of the other little bits of completed computation and give your computer the next bit to chew on. The first scientific group they have partnered with is doing protein analysis to help find cures for different diseases. So, you can use your little computer to help someone fight disease. How cool is that?


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