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The Ghost of Christmas Past

I've been getting sick VERY SLOWLY leading up to Christmas. I think my body was holding on just long enough to make it through and then collapsed. I've missed 2 days of work now (and I really hate that). This is the first time I am feeling well enough to sit up and walk to the computer for a bit. I fancy I'll pay for this luxury with another headache.

Christmas was nice, it almost seems like a blur of people and food, shopping and wrapping. Jenn was of course the bright shining star throughout it all. I probably would have gone insane without her. We have a tradition of a personal Christmas alone. We made a little nest in front of the tree, with soft blankets, our two cats and enjoyed the escape from craziness that the beautiful lights and silence afforded us.

What I learned from the presents is that Jenn listens to me more than I do. :) When someone walks up to me and says, "What would you like for Christmas?" my brain produces things like geeky books or dvds, etc. Jenn however listened to me outside of the question and found all the things that I actually wanted.

For example (and I know this is long, but bear with me)... When I come home from martial arts class, I have a dilema. I don't like to wear my uniform in the car, because I'm all sweaty and I don't want to get the car all stinky. However, I don't want to change into my jeans and shirt because I'll get my jeans all sweaty and I like to wear them more than once. I end up wearing my martial arts pants and my plain clothes shirt home in the car with my uniform in the bag and I carry my jeans seperately. It's all very awkward. I never even mentioned it as a problem (even though it constantly bugged me *shrug*), but Jenn noticed how awkward everything was when I came home each night. She searched high and low and found this really cool looking Nike bag that specifically has two compartments so you can seperate your sweaty clothes from your nice ones. All of her gifts were like that, things I didn't consciously know that I wanted, but as soon as it was in my hand I realized how much I wanted/needed/missed/etc the item. *sigh* :) I love my wife.

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