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The Force of Water

I forgot about the competition!

So, last week before the HRD conferance, I attended the annual HRD Tournament. I got 1st place in sparring!!! It was totally awesome. :)

The most recent long form (a long series of movements as if you're fighting like 10 people) I learned is very much based on the concept of Um (Yin for the Chinese). There are three elements of Um, one of which I'm starting to really understand:

Yu - Yu is the concept of soft, unrelenting motion, like flowing water. Water is soft yet it can erode the strongest of metals. Water moves in perpetual motion, unrelenting and constantly seeking a path. It rounds angular edges and conserves energy by conserving momentum, maximizing on its kinetic energy.

Previously, during all sparring events or after a series of forms in a row I would be completely out of breath. Totally wasted. Hwa Rang Yong Hyung (the name of my most recent form) taught me how to stay relaxed and I tried to apply the concept to sparring.

It was awesome, I felt it. The flowing of water, relaxation until the moment of impact and the sudden tightening of the muscles to deliver the force. After the sparring was over, I was still totally relaxed. I could have kept fighting like 10 more times. It was totally awesome.

The whole last week has been a Shaka Buku (please see Gross Pointe Blank).

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