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Free Online Calendars (iCal)

In pursuit of my goals for this year, I've been trying to find a good way to keep track of appointments and whatnot. Mac OS X comes with a nice little program called iCal which supports (funny enough) the iCalendar protocol. I figured if I could run an iCalendar server on the JournalScape machine, then I could manage the same calendar from home and work and always have access to my data. Oh, I've tried carrying around a PDA, but that hasn't seemed to work for me.

So, I sat down tonight to do some research and I found what I like to call "the JournalScape of iCalendar servers." :) It's called iCalendar Exchange. It's a personally run free calendar hosting site. You can setup a calendar in seconds (the form is almost identical to the JournalScape signup form). Here is a snip from their home page:

Long time no write! I've had other priorities in my life, and before I started accepting money from you happy users I needed to make sure I could properly support you and the site. So the site has remained in "free" mode all this year. As long as I am involved with the Web, and run my own servers, iCal Exchange will stay online.

I think I've said very similar things about JournalScape in the last year. :) Even though we had to migrate the site I think 4 or 5 times during the year, we'll stay online, we promise. :)

So, I'm going to try out the iCal system for awhile and see how it works for me. If it's easy to use I'll drop some cash on them! :)

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