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Dave Chappelle Crosses All Lines (warning: offensive content)

I love Chappelle's Show on Comedy Central. Primarily because it pulls absolutely NO punches... societal taboos, it doesn't care. He's breaking the rules all over the place and I personally think if everyone watched this show, our country would be a better place. He talks about a lot of racial issues and I think it's very healthy to discuss/look at those issues with some humor because it makes us realize how akward we live.

Last season Dave did a sketch that was a mockumentary. It opened up with a disclaimer:

Warning: The following sketch contains gratuitious use of the N-word.

and by "N-word" we mean Niggar.

I was shocked at first. It wasn't the "nigga" from rap music, it was the full racial slur of "niggar."

The "documentary" opens up with a white guy talking about the White Supremacy movement and about one of it's biggest proponents a man named Clayton Bigsby. No one knows about this mysterious figure who has published 4 books from his secluded mountain home. Books like Niggar Stain and Niggar Book... I'm mean, just horrible horrible stuff. So, the documentarian finally tracks Clayton down to interview him and we learn that Clayton, the white supremacist is actually a black man. A blind black man... who doesn't know he's black. Apparently Clayton grew up in an orphanage and they told him he was white because they figured it would just be easier on him.

It really goes down hill from there... Clayton is sitting out in the truck while they stop to get some gas and some hicks come up to the truck and start calling him a Niggar and threatening him... but he's blind and doesn't realize they are talking to him, so he gets out of the truck and starts yelling, "Yeah, get that Niggar!" It's just totally wrong and TOTALLY hilarious.

So... this season on Chapelle's Show, Dave Chappelle is talking about that sketch and about how much crap they took for airing it and he starts pondering what made it so offensive. Is it just the n-word? Was it who was using it? Was it how it was being used? So he decided to experiment... and he did a sketch about a white family in a 50's style TV show called The Niggars. That's just the families last name.... Niggar.

You're just not sure what is going on, it's such a strange juxtaposition... that it's hard to really grasp it, because damn if I didn't laugh from beginning to end. When we find out that little Timmy has a date with the girl across the street and we cut to the girl's family having breakfast. The mom is pouring milk and telling the dad, "Our little girl has a date with the Niggar boy across the street." The line all by itself is wrong and hilarious, but then the dad has the reaction you sort of expect from a 50's dad, "No daughter of mine is going out with that kind of boy" (something like that).. but then they explain that it's Timmy Niggar, from the Niggars across the street and the dad understands and is happy now.

It's just so damn wrong and I find it so freaking hilarious.

Near the end of the sketch, Dave Chappelle comes in as the neighborhood milkman, saying things like, "Hey Niggars, what's up?" "How are you Niggars doing today?" "I noticed you didn't pay your milk bill last week and I don't how lazy you Niggars can be, so I just wanted to remind you Niggars that you need to pay your bill."

He's smiling from ear to ear and looking directly into the camera when he's saying all of these things, obviously trying to be as offensive as possible and see how far people will let him push the envelope.

He does a lot of other comedy on his show that isn't offensive, so it's not like this for 30 minutes straight. I really do recommend seeing at least one episode of Chappelle's Show because it's really an amazing show to see. He's funny, he's smart, and he's all up in your comfort zone.

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