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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Sunday Quests

I got up this morning and with my new found energy, decided to make a list. There are some things I've been needing to get done for several months and some other things that just need to be done. Many of these things are mundane, but I got them all done and that is a super human feat. :)

I washed and folded/hung every bit of dirty laundry I have.. 5 loads! I _HATE_ folding laundry... so this is a big thing for me. Also did a couple loads of the dish washer.

I installed Mac OS X Tiger on Ecthelion (my iMac). Playing with Widgets are fun! It hasn't changed my experience much yet, but I have yet to really integrate the new things into my workflow. This will come in time.

I spent the time neccessary to pull down some video from my camera, do some editing work and prepare it to send to some friends who asked for it back in December (I'm a bad human).

My computer desk has been a disaster of personal proportions. Trash, receipts, books, etc. In addition to reclaiming the top of my desk, I also added a filing cabinet underneath so that I have some drawers and whatnot.

Did some Amazon work, including updates to my Wish List, signing up for Amazon Prime (all you can eat shipping, woo!) Made an enjoyable use of my new Amazon Prime membership and ordered a new TiVo with a DVD Burner! I've always wanted a TiVo with a DVD burner built in so that I can record cool things (like the Daily Show) and keep them. This desire coupled with my incredible ability to break DVD players (I have 2 broken ones in the closet and my PS2 refuses to play them anymore also) made the perfect opportunity to get a new one. :)

Previously, I had ripped all my CDs to my computer at work, but that makes dealing with my iPod weird. So, I'm currently ripping them to my home computer and I'm up to Weezer. Shouldn't be long now.

.... and I'm almost done for the day! I'm building a running playlist for my new iPod Shuffle. Once that is done... you guessed it. Running!

Phew... I'm a crazy man!

(this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I forgot to turn it public after editing)

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