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Lame Guide to the Galaxy (spoilers)

For the record, I don't think the movie itself is really bad, but it's WAY far from good, and considering the incredibly funny material that it came from, I'm shocked at how humorless it was. A friend of mine described it as "Mostly Harmless" which I think is fitting, except it's too good an Adam's reference for this movie.

I thought Zaphod was the worst thing about the movie. He's portrayed as an incompetant boob, when he's actually supposed to be the coolest guy in the universe. He's supposed to be utterly and completely self-absorbed, but highly intelligent nonetheless. When he's given perspective, he doesn't realize that he's done anything wrong, he realizes that he's a pretty great guy. While I enjoyed the fact that the incompetant boob that Sam Rockwell based Zaphod on is George W. Bush.... that's not Zaphod.

I thought Arthur was horrible. He was witty and charming and Trillian instantly fell for him. He was supposed to be the perfectly normal, uninteresting person. Not the kind of person who makes charming jokes and has the girl fall in love with him in one evening.

I did enjoy the Guide visuals and I like Stephen Fry's voice to go along with it. It was the most British feeling part of the movie, which I think was the reason why the rest of the movie wasn't funny. Most of the humor is very dry, British humor and when you try to deliver that material without having the unperturbable attitude of the uptight British stereotype.... it just falls flat. Amercian delivery with British material is just not funny.

Ford was disappointing. I really like Mos Def in everything I've seen him in until now. I thought he played Ford as a frightened, spastic alien, instead of a frood who knows where his towel is... Again, I think the real problem here is American comedic sensibilities trying to do British material. It's just not the right fit.

Jon Malkovich's character seemed completely out of place to me. I have no idea how his character is supposed to be the high priest of a race that he isn't part of... weird. His whole part in the movie is to introduce this Perspective Gun, which felt like it was added because they couldn't come up with a good way for the characters to escape capture in the end.

The movie did do a really good job of showing that Vogons aren't evil, they are just foul tempered and bureaucratic. However, I think they just played way too large a part in the movie. They aren't that big of a part in the books, it felt to me like they just wanted to use the big costumes as much as they could because they thought the costumes looked cool or something. *shrug*

The best thing about the movie, imo, was that I got to see the Serenity trailer.

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